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A sweet alternative Ngubane NY
A quacktical solution Campbell PL & Naude A
The cane plane McCulloch D
A nutrient treasure trove Bishop RT
Bag that ash! Marondedze E
Waste to energy van Antwerpen R
Tailoring your technologies Howes RE
Development and validation of a pilot juice extractor
Balkissoon S, Barker B, Weyer S, Loubser RC & Davis SB
The benefits of using wedge wire screens in a continuous centrifuge
Schofield P

Monoachloramine: A novel approach to microbiological control in sugar mills and downstream processes
Palazzo A & Van Zyl M

Analysis of bagasse properties using inline infra-red spectroscopy (NIR)
Voigt I

Dust tight PE packaging solutions for speciality sugars
Komitsch J