Sponsorship and Exhibition

SASTA is grateful to all exhibitors and sponsors for continued support of congress. Your generous participation permits SASTA to keep delegate registration costs at an affordable rate, thereby encouraging higher delegate numbers at congress.

Opportunities for sponsorship are available in various formats. These include:

  • Advertisements in the congress app
  • Display banners in various areas
  • Branded items in congress bags
  • Keynote speaker sponsorship
  • Authors’ dinner sponsorship
  • Congress sessions sponsorship

For a full list of sponsorship opportunities, contact details, pricing, application procedures and terms and conditions, please consult our sponsorship & exhibition prospectus. For further enquiries, please contact catherine@tcon.org.za .

Our Sponsors...

Our Exhibitors...

The SASTA Trade Exhibition continues to form an important part of the Annual Congress and has grown continuously over the years. The Exhibition provides the opportunity for meaningful engagement between delegates and various service providers in the sugar industry. All the available stands are usually sold out soon after booking opens.

For details about types of exhibition stands available, contact information, pricing, application procedures and terms and conditions, please consult our sponsorship & exhibitions prospectus. For further enquiries, please contact catherine@tcon.org.za .

See online sponsorship and exhibition booking form.

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